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(2016 Awards Program details are at the bottom of this page)


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AWARD CATEGORIES FOR THE 2016 AWARD PROGRAM: Entries will be considered for five (5) award categories: the Irvin Barnhart Awards, Lone Star Beer ‘Buckhorn’ Big Buck Award, Youth Hunting Achievement Awards (including one Youth Hunter of the Year), Photography Awards and Mike Simpson Legends of Hunting Award. The Irvin Barnhart Awards will be given for the top five (5) free-range trophies taken anywhere in the world, for men, women and youth hunters alike, whether by rifle, muzzle loader, pistol or bow. The Lone Star Beer ‘Buckhorn’ Big Buck Award will be given for the best whitetail trophy taken, again by any man/women/youth/method (see separate rules and details on the Membership Page). Youth Hunting Achievement Awards will be presented to all youths entering an eligible trophy. The Youth Hunter of the Year Award will be given for the best youth hunter trophy submitted, anywhere in the world, male or female. The Photography Awards will have one winner in each of the following categories: Indigenous People, Wildlife (NOT trophy pictures) and Scenic Splendor. 

RULES FOR THE 2016 AWARD PROGRAM: (1) Men and women both will compete for all awards. (2) With the exception of the Lone Star Beer ‘Buckhorn’ Big Buck Award (see separate rules HERE) trophies must have been taken between August 1, 2015, and July 31, 2016 to be eligible for consideration. (3) Entrants must be a member of SCI Houston when trophy is taken. (For youth entries, if the youth is not a member then a parent/guardian must be a member). (4) A SCI score sheet must be completed and signed by a registered SCI Measurer for each trophy entry. (5) A photo of hunter and trophy in the field must accompany SCI score sheet. (6) To qualify for the Youth award, the candidate must be a full time student. (7) Requirements for Youth Hunter of the Year consideration include: (1) note of special achievements, such as a conservation projects undertaken with photos, (2) hunting achievements with photos of the candidate and their trophies, and (3) an essay on what the American hunting legacy means to them. (8) All candidates for Youth Hunter of the Year must be sponsored by an adult member of SCI Houston, with a letter sent requesting the youth be considered for the award. (9) Consideration for the Mike Simpson Legends of Hunting Award will include not only trophies taken, but competition shooting, involvement in conservation, education and humanitarian projects. Hunting and project activity photos should be submitted with entry (see full criteria on the Mike Simpson Legends of Hunting nomination form). (10) All nominations and entries, including applicable score sheets and photos, must be received by July 23, 2016. SCI Houston shall not be deemed liable for delays in USPS or email deliveries. (11) All awards may not be presented at the sole discretion of the SCI Houston Awards Committee. Criteria for all awards includes not only the size of trophy, but species, difficulty of the hunt, method of take and location. The decision of the Awards Committee is final.

2015 Photography Award: 1st Place - Wildlife “Materialized in the Mist” by Pat Power

At our 2015 19th Annual SCI Houston First for Hunters Fundraiser Banquet, Awards Chair Michael O’Day presented the following awards to members for Photography and Irvin Barnhart Trophy of the Year Awards.

2015 Photography Award: 2nd Place - Wildlife “Sunbathing” by Keith Itzel

2015 Photography Award: 1st Place - Scenic Splendor “Mystical Aurora of the Arctic” by Pat Power

2015 Photography Award: 2nd Place - Scenic Splendor “Juneau Stream” by Keith Itzel

Craig Power won an Irvin Barnhart 2015 Trophy of the Year Award for his Persian Goitered Gazelle (38 4/8), in Sanliurea, Turkey

Tommy Fogle won an Irvin Barnhart 2015 Trophy of the Year Award for his African Leopard (14 2/16), from the Zumbo region of Mozambique

Scott Garrett won an Irvin Barnhart 2015 Trophy of the Year Award for his Nile Buffalo taken during a trip to Africa

Tommy Fogle won an Irvin Barnhart 2015 Trophy of the Year Award for his Himalayan Tahr taken while on a trip to New Zealand

Mike Ambrose won an Irvin Barnhart 2015 Trophy of the Year Award for his Sessee Island Sitatunga

Sean Pullen won the 2015 Youth Hunting Achievement Award for his many years of service to SCI First for Hunters, our Chapter in particular, and hunting accomplishments.

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OUR HUNTING AWARDS are named for two stalwarts of the hunting and conservation community, and SCI First for Hunters in particular.  Mike Simpson (l), a founding member of SCI Houston and past President of SCI First for Hunters, is the only modern day hunter to have won the Weatherby Award, SCI International Hunter Award, the Conklin Award, AND be a member of the SCI Hunting Hall of Fame. Irvin Barnhart (r) was on the Safari Club record book committee for Africa since 1986. He won all of the major SCI hunting awards including Houston Safari Club's Frank Green award and was presented the prestigious Weatherby Foundation International in 1993. 2016 Award rules are at the bottom of this page after the 2015 winners pictured, and also on the Award Forms you can download with the link on the left.